Beza Ayelew

Beza is the founder and the passionate leader of BeSingularity, she graduates BS.c from Mekelle University in Civil Engineering and MS.c from Addis Ababa university in Railway Engineering.

Worked at several Technology startups, Jumia Ethiopia – e-Commerce, Belcash Technology – Financial Technology, Africa118 Inc – Business directory, Digital marketing (website and social media) and TaskMoby – On demand skilled labour providing platform in leadership position for the past 8 years.

Founding BeSingularity with smiler visioned team

with a Mission of Digitally integrated sales force for business growth and youth employment.

5 years Vision

Biggest salesforce provider in Ethiopia clients 10,000.

Training over 100,000 youths for employability in sales and Customer service.

50,000 youth for permanent employment.

25,000 youth for on demand employability.

By providing a Quality Service

Customer Support Team Members

Bizuayehu Goshu :Co- Founder – Sales Manager over 4 years experience in Sales and Marketing.