Increase Sales

Your inside sales process, simplified

B. Singularity Sales Engagement platform gives your sales team the tools they need to engage, qualify and close the sale — all in one place. Simple.


How, When, Where

Each Business is unique as well as its services and products, a special attention should be provided to where to sale, when to sale and how to sale to make sales in accordance with your ambitions

Sales Tech. Services (SalesTech)

By providing you access to our Digital services: Databases, Digital sales channels, e-commerce, call centers, SEO and so much more we implement the right value chain to sale your products from Visibility, ease of order and fast delivering.

Rewrite the Future

We believe in equipping your business with the best sales tools to be able to increase significantly your sales! We do not only change your present but also help you to shape the future of your organization.

What other Businesses say

Sales have always been our biggest challenge, today it is nearly predictable.

― Mahdi Saleh,

We never liked the idea of outsourcing, we have given it a trial, it was one of our best decision.

― Alemayo Tesfaye, Rock Event

Your success is our success

50 +

We’ve seen the lives changed of over 50+ Unemployed youth women since we started.

85 %

From Training to employability

45 Days

45 Days to improve significantly your sales.

60 days Economic and Social impact

5000$ unlocked income

100% youth women deployemnt

30,000 $ outsource project sign

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About Us

B. Singularity is a business taking care of the sales of your business.

We increase your sales by providing you, the most advanced tools to make your sales our success.

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