Monetize Social Media

You own a Social Media Community, your subscribers can now benefit from unique Offers , start monetizing your efforts.

Monetize your Effort

Monetize your Channel

We welcome each Social Media Channel owner to contact us, we will provide different options to monetize their subscribers. Our proposals are free and do not oblige the Channel Owner.

No need to provide us any Data

Monetization of the Data is done by publishing on the messenger channel (Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter) advertisement. The Channel owner will decide on the content and the frequency of publishing. There is no Data Access from third parties, the owner remains 100% in control of his Data.

Instant payment

All advertisement that has received a positive response by the members of the community will be instantly financially rewarded. Payment will be done online.

What other Community owners say

After so many efforts to build a community on the internet, I am happy to find a partner to Monetize it.

― @Hellomarket (Telegram)

No obligations, no Data to share, meaningful income , the way to go.

― Biniam, Community owner

Your success is our success

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Business have seen taken the beSingularity trained junior sales since we opened

100 %

100% replacement guaranty, no payment, no time will be missed

Still not Satisfied?

Give yourself a seven days trial.

We will share with you our best advice. Get in touch with us and we will help you to develop the most appropriate strategy to monetize your site.

About Us

BeSingularity is a business taking care of the sales of your business.

We increase your sales by providing you, the most advanced tools to make your sales our success.

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